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The 90 Day Online Culture Accelerator

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We employ just over 400 people across a couple of jewellery chains, and we use Bespoke HR to manage all of our HR needs. We had some issues with our corporate structure that Paulette helped us navigate through, as well as the day to day problems we encounter. We could find solutions, but that takes a lot of time and resources, where Paulette really cuts to the chase, which in essence, saves us a lot of time and money. We've seen an increase in efficiency in getting things done, and speed to action in solving HR problems that need to be acted upon quickly.

Toby Bensimon

I run three companies, all in allied health & aesthetics, with varying challenges in staff management and culture issues. I had the opportunity to spend a day with Paulette, and bring one of my senior managers along. It was fantastic, and got us thinking about how we can do things better, and foster a better company culture. For anyone needing any help in any aspect of HR and team performance, Paulette really knows what she's talking about.

Kim Papp

Beyond phenomenal! This really got me thinking deeply about what I want the future of my staff to be doing, and where I want to take my business and my vision. Absolutely worth the value of your time and any other investment you would put into it.

Genevieve Casucci

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